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Minor Lavender

03 June 2010

Juicy Reviews

Juicy Reviews (BETA version)

How does it feel to write for your own products?
We know how hard it is sometimes to get featured. Sometimes you put your best pictures, best prices, and offer crazy deals but some reviewers might miss-look you.. just like us.. sorry :(
So, we're thinking every one should have a fair chance to get featured and why not (yeah why not?) give every E-Shops an opportunity to do their own review and get their products featured here for FREE (oh.. we keep giving freebies arent we?heheh). Yes, you heard us.
You (E-Shop Owner), are invited to send your own REVIEWS on your own ITEMS and get featured here for FREE.

All you have to do is:

1. Choose a category:
A) Juicy Reviews: Preloved Stuff
-Only for Preloved/Vintage E-Shops
-products must priced below RM 30.00
-Will be featured on every Saturday

B) Juicy Reviews: Brand New Stuff
-Only for Brand New E-Shops
-products must priced below RM 50.00
-Will be featured on Every Sunday

C) Juicy Reviews: Steal of the day!
-Open for Preloved and Brand New E-Shops
-products priced for RM 25.00 and below
-Will be featured on Every Saturday/Sunday.

2. Choose any THREE of your best items/clothes/etc that you which to be featured.

3. Write your own reviews and dont forget to put
-Item Name
-Direct Link
for every of your items.
-Juicy offer (if any)
Try to make it short, simple and interesting. (See sample below).

4. Send your items picture and make sure you label them correctly or else we might upload a wrong pic! Max 2 pics per items.

5. Email your reviews to minorlavender@yahoo.com with subject: Juicy Reviews by (Blogshop name) and dont forget to include your Name/Blogshop address and email :)

6. Wait and check our blog every Saturday/Sunday to see if your reviews are up.

We will pick any of these THREE items of yours (or if you're lucky and we love every of your items, we will post all three of it!). So, pick your best,hottest, nicest and prettiest items in store to be featured here!
Please take note, we will not edit any of your entry. So, you're free to manipulate your own words and make your customers convinced to buy! ;)

All the best :)

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to email us :)

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