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Minor Lavender

13 April 2010


How to get your blog highlighted?

You can either...
-Advertise for free at our chat box.
-Be in our [Cherry Cherry News] by offering a privilege or special offer for our readers.
-Opt for advertisement slots. Rate depends on location of the banner.

(Click for clearer view)

Paid Advertisement Rates:

Ads Type A (Location A-Above main Post)
Size A1:420 x 140 (equivalent to 3x Type B) for RM50.00/month
Size A2: 280 x 140 (equivalent to 2x Type B) for RM35.00/month
First come first serve. Limited Slots Available.

Ads Type B (Location at side bar)
Size: 140 x 140 for RM20.00/month or RM50.00 for 3 months
up to 15 slots available. The ads slots shall be rotated every week to give a fair chance to every E-shops.

**Dont want to advertise for 1 month? Want to try out? Or tight budget?**
Then we can advertise according to your needs. Only RM 1.00 per day! (Available for Ads Type B only).

# Please prepare your own Ads Design according to the right size in JPEG format (Please dont provide your Photobucket or etc link).
# You are allowed to change your Ads design during the ads period.
# No nudity or explicit content on the Ads Design.
# We will only posted up your ads banner after you had settled the payment with proof of transactions.
# No refunds returned on the cancellation of the Ads service.
# The Ads period is 1 month. Means if your ads dated 10th February, it will end on the 10th March; regardless if it has 30 0r 31 days in that month. Simple right?
# We will give more discounts for the longer ads period*
# We do not held any responsible or guarantee that your sales and traffic will increase by advertising with us. We only help to put up your banner to provide more visibility for your E-shop.
# Any inquiries? Do email and talk to us directly at minorlavender@yahoo.com

Thank You.

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