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Minor Lavender

04 June 2010

Hello all,

Someone in Cbox had blame us for being the laziest reviewers just because we made this Juicy Reviews and the idea of cut and paste the Eshops reviews means lazy. =_="

Again, we invite every E-Shops owner to do reviews for their own stuff does not we're LAZY.

We're doing this because we're unable to blogwalking/browse through hundreds of E-Shops out there every day and do every reviews on their products. We have 24 hours a day, minus 8 hours of sleep, minus 3 hours of house chores, minus 2 hours of showers and eating, and minus 8 hours of working and the balance 3 hours is to online/blogwalking/blogshopping/etc.

Thus, we came out with the idea 'why not let them do their own reviews?'. You know, something you see in the Newspaper, the Classified Section. See how the company promoting their new products/sales/promotion? See how Toyota or Perodua put their latest car model? Or see how Watson and Guardian put their products on sale? They pay to advertise and put up their products on the newspaper.

Thats why we creating this Juicy Reviews. Its FREE and we did not squeeze any penny from the E-Shops who submit their reviews.

Come on, we're maximizing the usage of this blog. We might outing whole day on Saturday/Sunday and rather than keep this blog quiet, why not we publish the reviews made by E-Shop owners? Mind you, we do it for Free, and yeah we cut and paste and posted it up.We will not EDIT as we think it is WRONG to amend their original writings. So whats wrong with this idea? If you said we're lazy, then how bout the reviewers who went hiatus after a month or only update once in 2-3 weeks? Think about it.

Comments please.

Thank You.


  1. i support 200%! Juicy Reviews...Juicy Reviews...Juicy Reviews

  2. I think allowing blogshops to do their own review over the weekends is a great idea!