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Minor Lavender

10 May 2010


Hi E-Shop Owners..

In order to promote Minor Lavender and your E-Shop as well, the ML admin team had decided to give away TEN ADS SLOT for FREE!

We will pick the FIRST TEN E-Shops that send in the completed submission.

In just few easy peasy steps, you can win a chance to get your E-shop ads posted in Minor Lavender for free while increased more potential buyer to your site. (Well, you got nothing to lost right?) :)
All E-Shops are invited to join and all you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1:

1. Link our banner in your E-Shop.
2. Be our Follower.
3. Add us in your twitter. (Not compulsory)
4. Send us an email with this format (in Blue Font. This is very important!):

Step 2:

Email Subject: Pick me!

-------------10 Ads Slot for Free------------------

1. E-Shop Name: _____________
2. E-Shop URL Address: ________
3. E-Shop Email address: _______
4. Follower ID: __________
5. Twitter Link: __________
6. And please attach an ADs design in JPEG Format. Strictly in 140 x 140 size.

send your submission to minorlavender@yahoo.com

Step 3:

And wait for our reply if you have been chosen :).
We will only pick FIRST 10 E-Shops that submit their email with a complete format only.

* Ads will be posted up for two weeks FOC starting 1st Jun *
(All Ads design submitted are final, means no changing allowed after we posted the ads.)

Closing date for submission: TBA

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