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Minor Lavender

26 May 2010


Casual Lacey Long Top with pocket
(Stated New)
E-Shop: Little Potty
Price: RM 20.00

Sleek and purple-licious Dinner Dress
(Stated New)
E-Shop: Tiffany Wardrobe
Price: RM 20.00

Sweet Pink Lacey Top
E-Shop: To Love with Love
Price: RM 18.00

Lovely Lace Cardigan
(Forgive us for keep posting the lacey stuff. cant help it. huuhuu)
(Stated New)
E-Shop: Poppy Preloved
Price: RM 25.00

Well, you should have at least one of this thing ;)
Black Sheer Tight.
(Brand New we think?)
E-Shop: Shopper Goddess
Price: RM 13.00

Embrace the little of androgyny in you!
White Slim Vest
E-Shop: Ash's Closet
Price: RM 10.00 with Free Reg Mail (Free Reg Mail for all the items in store!)

White Jumpsuit with rainbow elastic band
(Stated New)
E-Shop: Carousel
Price: RM25.00

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