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Minor Lavender

12 April 2010

Take some time to read..

Sorry for the long hiatus. Many things had happen to us recently :(. But fret not, we're currently undergoing some major construction; from our layout to our site's vision. :) We will be back once we're satisfied with the new changes.

The changes are:

"White and soft pastel colours to keep everything simple and 'comfortable'. No more dull or 'packed jam' with designs"

The idea is to keep everything short, simple and organized"

New template & Layout
New Email Address
New Header Name
New Banner.
Facebook in consideration.
Twitter account had been suspended, but worry not, we will create a new one soon.

-Please use Contact Form if you wish to be linked. (
All our blogroll list dissapeared during the "data transmission". -_-""" ...)
-We no longer receive updates via email. We will only follow the updates via blogroll.
-Cherry Cherry News will use to promote any exclusive offer for ML readers.
-Reviews description will be much shorter and simple and with different format.

-As you know, there's a lot of other reviewers who serve the purpose of reviewing brand new items. We will give most chance to the second hand E-shops in this site. (For Brand New E-Shop please send your request to be featured at Shopping Roll, Diary of an-Eshopaholic, Your Shopping Kaki, Fashionomy, Fashionista 1001, Today Im Wearing, Luxurious Fashionista (Bags), Detailed Wears(Accessories) etc )
-We're categorizing our blogroll into 3 groups only ; Vintage, 2nd Hand and Brand New.

What do we feature/publish/review:

-Vintage clothes & Antiques accessories.
-Preloved/2nd Hand Items.
-Any fashionable yet affordable finds!
-Something extraordinary and unique!
-Sales/Promotions to grabs. (But since MysaleHunter is doing this, might as well you peeps can request for her to feature your sales ya?)

-And many more news from the Fashion industry!

Do let us know if you satisfy with the changes :)

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