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Minor Lavender

15 August 2009

Weekend Treat

6 T's Thingy
Wow.. I screamed in excitement when i saw these hot bags.
Gothic in Red and Black, Squarish and very oldskool, and in different sizes to suit your needs!
RM 400 per set (also priced individual)

Vintage Pod
Black High Collared Top with Ruffles and cuffed long sleeves never fail me. Victorian inspired.
Also check out the white Top with cute rose embroidery at the Squarish Neckline. Very neat and Sleek look.
RM 25.00

The Vintage Socialites
The first Dress would be look great with layering with an inner dress. Sexy and not flashy.
Amazingly beautiful. I've always love this kind of dresses. Love the big ruffles layer, crochet squarish neckline and crocheted along the long sleeves too.
RM 40.00 | RM 56.00

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