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Minor Lavender

02 July 2009

Versatile Chic
Bring that Sunshine on!
One piece dress with wide open bareback. Sexxay and cheerful in one time!
RM 35.00

Zipper and Acid wash Dress.
Strictly for zipper fetish.;)
RM 40.00

Shop Bread and Butter
Flowery short dress, just for your lazy days.
RM 25.00

Pink Princess Sleeve Blouse for the inner pink in you.
RM 15.00

Pink Flat for your casual day out.
RM 35.00

I just spotted this!
Here goes your Gothic Victorian Choker and Wrist Cuff.
It does look like a cosplay accessories for lolita-gothic no? hehe :)
Lace and Lace and Lace and chain and ribbons all over.
RM 100.00 per set.

Shoppink Queen
You had your lazy dress. How bout lazy shoes?
After walking in much high heel shoes, why dont give your feet a break?
Velvety flat in darkest purple.
RM 30.00

Shoppink Queen
Wedges, in velvet blue. Oh my it look so sleek and flawless!
If only i were in that size...grrr..
RM 35.00

1 comment:

  1. is the green shoes of jopie's wardrobe still available?