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Minor Lavender

26 June 2009

Vintage for your Work Attire

Personally would recommend all these for your office work wear.
Its vintage, one-and-only, affordable, good quality, unique, different, and dont be afraid to try something new! =)

CupClothes (on Sales now)
Gingham pattern, round neck, Pleated at the bottom (ooh!)
If you're late to work (like me,uh huh), grab this and paired it with a clincher and ur ready to go!
RM 25.00 incl. Postage

Oh Vintage
Black and Stripey Blazer.
For your cold days or for the times you're dragged to meeting to present a presentation. hehe.
RM 28.00

Rona Anggerik Jingga
Blue Blazer anyone?
RM 33.00 incl. Postage

Vintage Pod
Pussy Bow Blouse in sweet pink. Best paired with high waist black skirt and black heel. I see Corporate Ladies!
(Okay, if that above sold out, you can get a similar one at Pa'Chenta Vintage! )
RM 25.00

Pa'Chenta Vintage
Warning, you may seduce your boss , colleagues or clients accidentally! hehe.
Ahh.. this dress screams a versatility, best for meet up with your important clients; outdoor or indoor. If you afraid it would be showing too much skin, pair with your slim blazer or a fitting cardi!
RM 32.00

Vintage Japan
Peterpan collar, Lace trims on slight puffy sleeves, some laces here and there. A very sweet looking blouse!
I would best recommend this blouse for trainees or fresh graduates who just started their career. Young, carefree, simple and yet, formal.
RM 20.00

Migoto Vintage
Ohh..i definitely love this. Yellow tan, buttoned dress with mandarin collar. Why not?
IF you think your work is giving you lotsa stress and giving you that 'bad-mood' look, then its time to brighten yourself with this. Start your day with a smile! Dont forget to add that curves by pairing with a clincher hun!
RM 30.00

Like Seriously
Soft Yellow Skirt with geometric patterns.
Your ultimate solution when you have to many black tops.
Instantly boost your confidence and mood at work!
RM 29.00

Sasha Vintage
Vertical Stripes, with grey and black colours and gold buttons.
Looking Fierce and Independent. *Roarr* You'll be the boss! ^^
Would be best for those who works with PR, cos it never fails to impress and shows the client that you're worth the task given!
RM 50.00

Vintage Biri-Biri
High Waist Skirt (Knee length)
There's so much skirts to pick from VBB and i just love this white skirt because it's easy to mix and match! Mostly are long enough to be worn as a formal skirts, from pencil skirt to flare skirt and the designs can be bold colours to vary kind of patterns (geometry, floral, lacey, stripes, and bla bla XD ).
RM25.00 (Others ranged from RM 18.00 to RM 30.00)

Mystique Goes Vintage
Why Not?
Big Collar, Buttoned Sleeve, and dual row of buttons at front.
Your Monday is not so blue anymore!
Btw, similar in grey is available at Cupclothes!
RM 30.00


There's more but due to time constraint and hours of blogwalking, i'll stop my findings here. =)

Basically,the general rule to work that vintage apparels is Mix and Match with the colours!

Good luck and have fun playing Vintage to work =)

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